Sunday, October 6, 2013

Top 10 NFL Week 5 Ad Questions

Do Not Call Domino's
10) If I get a Capital One credit card just like pro jackass Gordon Ramsey, will I become a marginally less repugnant human being?

9) Are all conversations by people with iPhones evidence that humanity is a virus with phones?

8) Now that unusably small phones are now on my wrist, can I pocket dial just by wearing sleeves?

7) If I don't get DirecTV, will they arrange to put me in bloodsport fight circles?

6) Doesn't the Moto X ad with the analogy of decorating a slovenly cell phone more or less destroy the entire notion of doing that, rather than sell the benefit?

5) Are Visa users liable to break out in spasmodic dance?

4) Is the statement "Eli Manning and the New York Giants run on Dunkin" secretly an ad for Starbucks?

3) When Dodge gives Will Ferrell 30 seconds to make a not very funny in-character joke, how, exactly, does this sell vehicles?

2) Is the Geico Motorcycle Money Man better seen as an allegory to that company's ad spend?

1) Why does Domino's want us all to know that their store employees are more or less incapable of answering the phone?

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