Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Top 10 reasons why Mavs' GM Gersson Rosas resigned after just 3 months

10) A man can only watch so many episodes of "Shark Tank" before the lies about how great it is just become soul-crushing

9) Rosas is 35, which made him the youngest employee in the organization

8) Don Nelson's kid turns out to be as spectacularly useless as his father

7) After leaving Houston for Dallas, somehow found a city that was even worse to live in

6) When you are hired to be a GM, but the job is actually just to tell Nelson's Kid and Cuban how smart they are, it's actually kind of easy to quit

5) Now that the ACA is a reality, didn't need the bennies

4) It's just no fun to be an NBA GM this year unless you get to tank

3) By the terms of his Cuban contract, Rosas is already fully vested

2) Discount K-cups in the office coffee maker is just a deal-breaker

1) Woke up this morning and realized that he was employed by Cuban, and could not stop screaming

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