Friday, October 25, 2013

Top 10 reasons why the Rams called Brett Favre

Has His Own Hat
10) Well, he does have more of a future than Kellen Clemens

9) Feel he'd be a great mentor to Sam Bradford, in that Bradford has really struggled with the whole Media Whoredom aspect of being an NFL QB

8) It's Jeff Fisher's best joke yet on Vince Young

7) Want to do the entire NFL fan base a solid by getting Favre killed

6) Hey, it still makes more sense than calling Tim Tebow

5) Kurt Warner has filed a restraining order

4) Got the memo from the NFL that it's their turn to try to employ him

3) Easiest way to remind everyone that St. Louis still has an NFL team

2) Wanted to make you feel even worse about watching their upcoming Monday night squash job against the Seahawks

1) It's been a solid six months since Favre got to tell everyone about how good of a father and grandfather he is now, and how much of a piece of crap he was for making enough money to more or less make sure that they never want for anything ever again

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