Sunday, October 27, 2013

Top Ten NFL Week 8 Ad Questions

All kinds of fantasy
10) Couldn't Bud Light pick a more realistic fan base and food product than Eagle Fan, first place, and quinoa?

9) Does Pizza Hut always get their ideas for new, um, food from complete asshats?

8) Why does Coors Light require retrieval by people with no sense of direction?

7) Does shopping at Lowe's inspire hallucinations?

6) Is one of the side effects of Eliquis milquetoast sons who cheer on your sad jumper?

5) Does sponsoring the NFL give Papa John's the ability to enter any television set, and if so, can we give him MRSA?

4) If I drink Corona, will I become obsessed with where water meets dirt?

3) Why is Liz Lemon's awful ex wrecking so much stuff, and why should this make me buy insurance?

2) Does Domino's have nothing better to advertise than their web site, and how bad they are at answering the phone?

1) Given how many times that the ad is shown, is there any way that we can get the grill-class asshats out of the State Farm ads?

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