Sunday, November 10, 2013

Eagles - Packers Takeaways

Fundamentals, Schmundamentals
> Once again, the Eagles offensive pace caused a defensive player to have a 30 second injury

> WR Riley Cooper drops a first down, and that might have been his last poor play of the day

> QB Nick Foles on one of those plays where you can't imagine a less athletic QB

> P Donnie Jones had a crap kick that lucked out

> LB Mychal Kendricks went down with a knee, which is all kinds of important for this team

> The, um, rushing defense was fairly theoretical early

> Perhaps looking out for WR Jordy Nelson might be an idea on third down, seeing how he's their only good WR

> LB DeMeco Ryans ended RB Eddie Lacy, which was a fun reminder of the work the defense has done in the last month

> S Nate Allen got Lacy down on a screen alone in space, and that's a big play

> Third and field goal range is a blitz and stop, and the lack of loss doesn't knock the Pack out of trying the figgie

> Crosby's donk miss from 53 is very, very welcome

> T Jason Peters goes down, and his persistent injuries this year have been a subplot into why the offensive is so bi-polar

> Foles to WR DeSean Jackson for a 54-yard score, and the ball was severely underthrown, but Stooge-work by the Packer DBs give DJ a room-service tip ball

> It's kind of astounding, really, how many huge plays Jackson has made in his career, and how much of his value is tied up in those plays

> It's 7-0 Eagles after a 25 second drive, so screw you, time of possession

> Packer STer Jarrett Bush gets a cheap clip, and that's another major help

> QB Scott Tolzien comes in for the Pack for Wallace, who seems to have a case of lumbago or gout

> I'd feel badly for the Pack's bad luck with QB injuries, but there's that 2-plus decade of unspeakable steadiness to remember, and what they are going through has happened a half dozen times to my laundry

> Tolzien misses Nelson badly from his end zone, and that's encouraging

> The defense barely gets off the field on weak coverage in the flat, but hey, any stop is a good one

> McCoy went out of bounds rather than get a first, but more than made up for it on a follow-up bounce for 20

> Holding on T Allen Barbre negates an impressive run from RB Bryce Brown

> Despite the setback, clear signs of good work from the running game

> McCoy makes a guy look bad for another nice little gain

> The offense burns a timeout on confusion, which isn't encouraging at the edge of figgie range

> It's nice to see Foles' jersey next to Peyton Manning's in Canton, if only because it seems to really annoy Manning honks

> On cue, Foles takes a terrible indecision sack to knock them out of figgie range

> On the play, Peters returned and went down with something new, and that might be the end of many things for him, actually

> Really would have preferred them keeping it on the ground and in tempo there

> Jones with an excellent punt to pin Tolzien deep

> S Earl Wolffe down before third and three, and this is looking like one of those No One Survives games

> On third and three, it's a not very surprising toss to Lacy, who gets it by beating Ryans

> Tolzien to WR Jarrett Boykin for a first, as CB Cary Williams gives him an undeserved cushion

> LB Najeh Goode had a golden opportunity for a TAInt, which would have been all kinds of immense

> On third and nine, Tolzien to Boykin, who makes a ridiculous catch for 36 yards on a free play

> It's not challenged despite clearly not being a catch, so the mistakes being committed here are all over the place

> Second really bad moment for HC Chip Kelly in this game, and at least a three-point mistake

> Peters, Kendricks and Wolffe all will not return, so that's all kinds of great

> On third and short, Green Bay throws it for some reason, setting up a fourth down try

> FB Jon Kuhn converts, and that wasn't predictable or anything

> Tipped ball stays away from the defense, another opportunity missed

> The Eagles' best hope might be Lacy getting hurt or ineffective from overuse

> CB Brandon Boykin makes an end zone pick and returns it 75+ yards before giving up on the TAInt attempt

> Foles for a 9-yard scramble that took as much time as Boykin's INT return

> The refs missed a ridiculously obvious face mask on McCoy

> Foles misses WR Jason Avant in the end zone, and that's a three and out when you had a killshot chance

> K Alex Henery misses from 39 yards, and good Lord, is this team just giving away chance after chance here

> Williams whiffs on Boykin again for a first

> RB James Starks showed why he isn't better than Lacy

> On third and 8, the blitz is ineffective, and the defense doesn't take away the easy throw to Jones for the first

> There's very little that the Eagles are doing to make Tolzien's life uncomfortable

> Joe Buck thinks giving up 9 yards on a screen is a great play by the MLB, because Joe Buck is clueless

> Crosby misses from 42, and no kicker can do anything today

> Foles to Jackson as the CB slips for 20, and he's doing that a lot to CBs these days

> Jackson loses a ball in the sun that was all kinds of arm puntish by Foles

> Third and long at the 2-minute warning from the Pack 45 is a pretty big damn deal

> Foles to Cooper on great protection by the line, and he extra guys open

> LB Clay Matthews with the gift roughing call, and the fact that Pack Fan is booing that is just silly, given how it was blatant

> Foles keeps for two as the offense doesn't burn clock

> Foles incomplete to TE James Casey, and that was underwhelming

> Foles misses Avant on the cross, and DPI isn't called because, well, Avant is a scrub

> Henery hits from 25, and it's 10-0 Eagles

> Again, not quite getting why you get away from McCoy in that situation, or why you can't take more time off the clock, rather than give the defense more snaps to defend

> If you are counting, that's three game management mistakes by Kelly today

> CB Boykin wipes out Nelson in bounds, and the clock runs, and I'm loving his game today

> CB Rock Carmichael gets greedy on a pick try, and Tolzien connects with WR Boykin for a conversion

> Tolzien to Nelson for another great catch, and the lack of clock kill is really starting to rankle now

> CB Boykin stops Nelson in bounds, forcing the timeout

> Seriously great half by the CB, who is clearly their best guy now

> A little surprising that the Pack tries third and goal with nine seconds left

> Jones can't keep his foot in bounds, and Crosby hits from 22 to derisive cheers

> 10-3 at the half, and that was about as random a half as you could have

> Weak kick from Henery to start the half, but the STers cover it

> On third and 4 with the chance to get a stop right away, it's WR Boykin abusing Williams again for the first

> Tolzien misses a wide-open Nelson, with no pass rush to bother him at all

> On third and nine, Tolzien and Boykin miss on what could have been a pick for S Patrick Chung

> Ugly but pointless ST play by Colt Anderson to infuriate Packer Fan

> McCoy for nine, tempo, thirty, and yes, I still love and believe in this offense

> Foles to Cooper for a 45-yard touchdown on a great adjustment by the wideout, and that's just your garden variety 3-play, 84-yard, 51-second touchdown drive

> Neither of the deep ball scores by Foles today were actually good balls, but, um, who the hell cares

> Eagles up 17-3 with 26:21 to go, against a third-string QB

> Of all of the insane things to happen in the NFL this year, the idea that Cooper is a WR1 in fantasy is the biggest

> WR Boykin really impressing with his ability to get the most of every chance

> Lacy makes a man miss to convert on 3rd and 1 to prevent an instant stop

> Ryans with the tipped ball pick on a poor idea by Tolzien, and yes, there's some good feelings to be had about the defense

> McCoy for another major chunk, and Kelly is starting to have fun with odd formations

> McCoy is stopped on third and four, and that's a major play to keep drama in this game

> Henery connects from 41 to make it 20-3

> Nice high kick and coverage to give the Pack a long field again

> LB Connor Barwin sacked Tolzien on a free play offsides, which was smart after the mistake

> Another clear replay challenge moment missed on third and 1, as Kelly keeps the flag in his pocket

> CB Boykin flagged for DPI on a deep ball to Nelson, and that's his first bad play of the day

> Lacy gets another first on a screen that the defense diagnosed and just missed

> Tolzien to Bostick on a 22-yard TD pass to further prove that Chung isn't a better option than Wolffe

> Eagles 20, Packers 10, and the random nature of this game just ain't stopping

> Foles to Avant on a wildly dangerous conversion and oddness, but hey, success

> Foles for the long and easy QB scamper moves the chains again on a free play

> Foles to Cooper, who could not have been more wide open, and that's a 32-yard answer

> We're way past the looking glass on Cooper here, people -- he now leads a team with DeSean Jackson in yards per catch

> Eagles 27, Packers 10, and time of possession is clearly for pussies

> Tolzien showed his wheels for 19 yards, and as mistake-prone as he's been today, I stil think he gives the Pack more of a chance to win than Wallace

> Jones made Williams look worse, which is getting hard to do

> Carmichael got away with niggling DPI on WR Boykin

> Goode got 15 for a tap to the head on Tolzien

> DE Vinny Curry ended Tolzien with violence, as the QB drops down and gets his helmet ripped off

> That was positively porny for a sizable portion of Eagles Nation, and yes, I am among them

> False start as the Packer line starts to look jittery about the pass rush

> WR Boykin for another monster play, and yes, it is all my fault for having him on my fantasy team bench

> Carmichael isn't very good at coverage, but Jones misses the catch and the ref does not bail him out

> Crosby connects and it's 27-13 with 12:19 left

> Brown in for the Not Effective part of the running game

> Foles takes the sack for a three and out, and no, this offense really does not do well with any kind of play clock use

> Fox can't show this replay enough, and after only two good minutes of watching the film, the challenge finally happens

> And... it's ruled a fumble, and ye gads, is this game never ending

> Packer Fan can't get more excited than a 3-yard pass to the fullback, because it lets them all yell an acceptable racial slur

> Third and 4 from the 7 is as big of a play as possible for the defense, and it's Barwin knocking the ball down for the stop

> Fourth and 4 from the 7 is even bigger, and it's Nelson not making the catch in the end zone, and we're going to see this replay another half dozen times

> It doesn't look like enough for a reversal, but that didn't stop the refs on the last play, so we go to commerce with dread

> It's clearly not a catch on super HD slo-mo, and Packer Fan is highly aggrieved; phew

> When the offense runs clock without huddling, they can't help but look like kids in detention

> On third and 2 with the clock running, it's a false start on T Lane Johnson, who has otherwise been really good today

> For some reason, the clock runs after the flag, which is nice

> Foles to Casey for a first down, and that's a monstrous play

> McCoy for another first down, and the offense is doing big work now

> Brown stays in bounds, gets 8, and that's helpful too

> Brown for another 4, move the damned sticks, and Packer Fan can get a going

> McCoy for 9.5, giving the offense their 8th game with 400+ yards of offense, and hell yes the offensive line is porny right no

> Foles keeps, does not slide, and we're in kneel down time

> With the win, Philly is now 5-5, 5-1 on the road, and yet, still as utterly and completely inexplicable as ever

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