Sunday, November 3, 2013

Eagles - Raiders Takeaways

The Foles Bandwagon Is Variable
> The Eagles win the toss and elect to defer, because the defense no longer resembles a tire fire

> QB Terrelle Pryor to WR Denarius Moore for 27 at the end of what we hope isn't a series of ridiculous scramble drills

> CB Brandon Boykin is surprisingly good at tackling for a smurf

> Raiders P Marquise King with the Oscar for drawing a roughing call, and that continued a drive for no football reason

> The once a week, whether we need it or not, LB Trent Cole sighting is comforting

> The defense got off the field without points and a lot of time, but not without pressure

> Bubble screen to WR Riley Cooper is crazy easy for big yards

> Nice mid-ball to Jeff Maehl converts third and long

> Popcorn firing rapid work to RB LeSean McCoy, WR DeSean Jackson and TE Zach Ertz, and hey, I remember this offense

> Foles had more yards passing int he first drive than he did in the entire Dallas game

> Foles to TE Brent Celek, and that's your first offensive touchdown in freaking forever

> The first Eagles drive of the day was positively porny, and Foles is gone back to Good Nick, rather than Evil Nick

> WR Rod Streater with the breakout play and vengeance on Boykin, but Black can't get it done in the red zone, and that doesn't bode well for their chances today

> RB Bryce Brown for 32 on a run that, amazingly, didn't involve the sideline

> The second Eagles' drive of the day was, somehow, more porny than the first

> It's nice to see that being really good and quick on offense isn't something the rest of the league has figured out

> Foles to Cooper on a downright beautiful throw for another score, and it's time for the guys with spikes on their shoulders to feel less good about their life choices

> CB DJ Hayden might as well paint a target on his jersey

> 63-yard touchdown passes don't get any easier than single coverage when the CB falls down, and Cooper has to wonder if he's dreaming this game

> Seats are filling back up on the Nick Foles bandwagon

> Pryor with a big run on a play where RB Rashard Jennings whiffs on the blitz, and that's why he's not a starting RB outside of injury

> Jennings finishes off the drive for a touchdown as McFadden is out with an injury, and his fantasy owners wonder, yet again, why they own the most frustrating back in the game

> That was as bad as the defense has looked in a month

> The next drive is a bad time for the offense to go three and out with a sack, hold, offsides, worst series of Evan Mathis' career... so Foles just hits DJ to convert third and long, and that was probably the last meaningful play of the game

> Foles shows surprising competence and mobility to make another first down with Jackson

> I like this Bryce Brown a lot more than the sad loser who has been in his jersey for the rest of 2013

> Celek with another nice screen and finish to put it in the red zone

> Foles to TE Zach Ertz for the score and that was comically easy, with the field audio catching outright laughter from the Eagles on the field

> CB Cary Williams dropped an easy pick on a deep try to Moore

> On third and 9, Pryor misses and stops the clock at 2:01, which was all kinds of helpful

> WR Jason Avant drops what should have been a conversion, and that's a three and out that's not pretty... or at least would have been until P Donnie Jones gets dislodged

> Instead of re-kicking, Kelly goes for it on fourth and one at mid-field... but it's just an offsides draw attempt, which was something of a relief

> The penalty gives the Raiders 5 yards but less time, as Jones hits a weak one

> LB Mychal Kendricks is the fastest guy the Eagles defense has, and he can't stay with Pryor at all

> Jennings for a draw of 15 as the defense sleeps on the play, and that could be worth a figgie

> Janikowski from 53 would have been good from 70, and it's 28-13 Green

> All five Fox Heads chose the Raiders, with Howie Long going into the most amount of mourning / rooting for the home team; that's always delightful

> Boykin got tripped by the 35, and as that is the first good kickoff return of 2013, that should be the end of the Damaris Jackson Era

> Foles with a backwards pass confuses and amuses Ed Hochuli, with more yards for Cooper

> McCoy with a bounce and burst and Raider Fan is all kinds of upset

> Three flags on one play, with helmet into Foles, is proof that neither of these teams is, well, good

> Foles to McCoy on the most open flat fly you will ever see, and that was 25 yards of joy

> Foles now with five touchdowns on the day, and I think the Raiders just got relegated to the Pac-10

> Pryor slips on third and four, with DE Vinny Curry getting the sack credit, and that's a three and out

> Jackson back to return another punt as Kelly will not take his foot off the gas; King responds with a weak out of bounds punt

> Oakland hasn't figured out how to fake injuries and stop the pace yet

> Foles to Jackson for the second easiest touchdown of the day and ever, as CB Mike Jenkins holds and falls

> Defense gets off the field again with minimal damage, other than Kendricks going down with an injury

> The game is so out of reach, we're talking QB controversy as if one exists

> Jones with a 66 yard punt, all net, so the STs are winning today, too

> Kendricks returns and the defense gets off the field

> Foles to DJ on a deep ball for another perfect strike, and this is borderline run it up territory

> Foles to Cooper, his seventh TD of the day, and he's tied an NFL record -- um, wow

> There's still 19 minutes left in this game, but no time left in the Who Should QB The Eagles For The Rest Of 2013 Question

> CB Bradley Fletcher with the gift pick as Streater deflects a ball into the air

> Amazingly, that's Oakland's first turnover of the game

> Three and out for Green with Kelly looking like he was thinking of going for it on fourth, or maybe bringing in Matt Barkley

> Pryor took the longest sack of the day, with Kendricks finally tracking him down after timewaste

> Up 36 with 13 minutes left, Kelly takes DJ off punt returning

> Foles with an awkward carry and drop for loss, so maybe he does still need reps

> No change in pace with the lead and game situation

> Foles with a throwaway and another three and out; the intensity seems to be lost in garbage time

> Not that it matters, but Pryor with a terrible ball leading to a LB Connor Barwin pick

> Foles and Pryor both depart, and we're into preseason mode now

> 3 and out again for the offense, and they've been really disappointing for a while now

> QB Matt McGloin comes in to pad Jennings' numbers

> The defense made a red zone stand to try to keep that downward trend of points given up to the opposition going

> Watching Barkley derf it up in the fourth quarter is a lot easier to take this week

> RB Jeremy Stewart gets it in for their 92nd play, 20th point, and none of them mattered

> You have to think that Janikowski has made more onside kicks than anyone in NFL history

> Foles had more TDs than incompletions today

> If you look at time of possession and total yards to judge this game, you are an idiot

> Green is now 4-5, feeling a lot better about themselves, and invincible against nautical criminals

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