Sunday, November 17, 2013

Eagles - Washington Takeaways

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> The Eagles win the toss and defer, because that's just how confident this team is in its defense right now, because 2013 is just wacky like that

> RB Shady McCoy does not react well to DC Fan's banner, and amen to that

> DT Fletcher Cox starts the day with a 15 yard flag, just to remind everyone that NFC East games used to be intense

> RB Alfred Morris with nice yards early, but QB Bob Griffin misfires outside of figgie range

> Washington pays back the 15 yarder for no good reason, but the Green drive stalls outside of figgie range

> LB Najeh Goode keeps making plays, this time a drive-stopping sack

> QB Nick Foles with the big ball to McCoy for 49, and that was just stupid pretty in terms of timing and matchup

> Foles keeps on a trickier version of the Tampa keeper, and it's Green 7, DC 0

> Nice spin and effort at the goal line for Foles, who seems to be taking this whole You Can't Run thing personally

> Three and out on good pressure and damn, that's fun

> Foles for 14 as he continues to prove he can, in fact, run like an NFL player

> Huge throw and run to TE Brent Celek, who does his runaway beer truck impersonation down to the 1

> McCoy makes that sort of thing irrelevant a play later on a carry where he's never touched, and it's 14-0 Green

> Dominant line work there is porny, and maybe this team can win a division on merit after all

> Bob making plays with his legs, and while that's distressing, it's a lot more so when he's making plays with his arms, since that way rarely leads to injury

> Cox has his vengeance on pressure with the turnover in the red zone, and that keeps happening this year

> McCoy's second score reminds us all how much fun it is to give the ball to your best offensive player in the red zone

> Later on in the half, McCoy goes down with a hamstring, because on a day when Green might take the division lead, we still can't have nice things

> Green defense continues to give up yards but not points

> When faced with Chip Kelly and a big lead, Mike Shanahan continues to be patient / loserly

> DE Trent Cole with the sack to put Washington out of field goal range, and damn, ain't it nice when he makes plays

> P Sav Rocca with a bad punt and a worse face, and no, don't miss him either

> Terry Bradshaw flies remote control planes before the halftime highlights, because it's not as if he actually prepares for anything

> Foles to Brown, then DJ, and just as he's looking awesome, misses Avant on an open center route

> LB Brian Orakpo with a sack on Foles that was weak work by RT Lane Johnson

> 3rd and 15 is a give up run, and Shanahan makes the Eagles punt for no real good reason

> Eagle Fan does not know how to deal with no reason to boo at the half

> Washington leads in time of possession by 10:53 at the half while having 97 less yards and 2 less first downs, and who the hell cares

> McCoy back on the sideline to start the second half is a good sign, and coming on to the field is a better one

> Foles keeps making plays with his legs and not making huge mistakes

> Ertz with a bad drop of what should be a first down, negating a great job by the line, then redeems himself on third

> Foles to Cooper for a big gain, but it comes back on an odd flag on LT Jason Peters; Washington got away with a face mask on Foles on the play

> Avant gets lucky on a tipped ball and is just short on third; Kelly pretty much has to go here, and does

> Tempo isn't great on the play call, but Brown gets it anyway from the shotgun run

> Foles to DJ on the rare snap from center, and that just looked all kinds of nifty

> Kelly clearly enjoys calling plays against thus defense

> Foles to McCoy in the flat for a chunk plus a horse collar, and we're goal to go

> Foles to Cooper, who is stopped at the half yard line to the fury of his way too lucky fantasy owners

> Cooper might have scored, but why bother challenging that when you can just quick snap it to McCoy and score anyway

> With 25 minutes left, it's Green 24, Visitors 0, and man alive, this is downright crisp

> 13 plays, 80 yards, and 5+ minutes -- downright conservative, really

> I'm not prepared to see this team with a pass rush and good coverage

> Down 24, Washington keeps running it, and I enjoy having the best coach in the division

> Griffin to some WR named Nick Williams to move the sticks

> The fourth sack of the day is the second for Cole, and that's a coverage job along with determination by the old man

> Second down is an overthrow that could have been picked, and third down is Helu going down hard, fumbling, and no conversion

> DE Vinny Curry got away with a borderline cheap shot

> If I didn't know better, I'd think my laundry has a home field advantage again

> This was the point of the game that I lost HD, because the game was too dull for Fox

> Three and out as the coverage team goes into full Kelly fellation

> Washington's STs are just awful, but they fall on the fumble to keep this game in some sort of drama

> Griffin to WR Pierre Garcon on an easy cross, and yes, perhaps DC would be better off throwing down this much

> Green with a 2-man rush and actual great coverage, and that's kind of funsies, too

> Big penetration from the DL on a stretch play is downright porny

> Third and long is high to WR Santana Moss, and that's just weak from Bob

> Another three and out with speed from the offense, and that's disturbing

> Tipped ball by Goode on a screen, and Cox thinks he's got his first pick, but there's no way that's going to be upheld

> Running plays while down 24 and letting the clock run out on the third quarter is just everything you need to know about how much Shanahan believed in his team today

> On third and 2, Griffin keeps on a read option that just seems Tebow-esque in its ability to get the QB hurt

> I'm not prepared to live in a world with good LBs wearing my laundry

> Fourth down is incomplete on a weak throw by Bob, and that was just sad for him

> First really bad play of the day for the defense gives DC a score, as FB Dorell Young makes two men miss on a scramble ball and goes for 65, and that was 2012-esque

> Two-point conversion makes it 24-8 and so not over

> McCoy for nine on the spin move, and that's just Sanders-esque

> On third and six, Foles goes across the field to Cooper to move the sticks, and that was pretty big, actually

> Clock mode now, and this is always funny, if only because of how much the offense seems to hate just standing there

> Foles keeps it for 10 on the truly well done read option

> The next one, not so much

> McCoy loses a bunch on another play that was kind of Sanders-esque, but not in a good way

> Third and 13 has Cooper covered, and lucky not to be picked

> With 8:37 left, still a game, somehow

> Cole out with a concussion, which is just wrong since he's finally having a good game

> Griffin takes one of those hits that give the read option a really bad name

> Young with the first down from the pistol as full clock runs again

> WR Aldrick Robinson with a great catch and better OPI for the 45-yard strike, and you've got to be kidding me

> Green timeout to try to recover and stop a way too important 2-point conversion

> Washington in the same position, and Griffin keeps to make it 24-16 with 5:57 left

> Modified deep onside kick, and it's all on the offense to keep this from Huge Fear

> Foles for five on the keep, offense in long mode, McCoy for two, and it's a huge third down

> Third and 3 is a huge effort by Foles to stretch for the first and please snap the ball already and take that generous spot

> There's the challenge and I hate my life as an Eagle Fan

> Fourth and punting and so much for avoiding Big Fear

> I'd so love a fake punt and first down here, but Kelly runs clock instead and Jones destroys one for 70 yards -- nice

> Terrible play by the Washington STs again there

> Crowd into it again, but defense needs to do work

> Griffin to Garcon for nine and, um, nope

> Helu for a first down, clock running

> Cole returns because concussions don't matter right now

> Miss by Bob, then a tip from Goode

> Third and 10 is huge, and it's Bob to Moss for a first down on, who else, CB Cary Williams

> Way too easy for such a big down

> DC with one timeout left

> Bob has Moss deep, but can't keep it in bounds; Williams bites and whiffs on the double move

> Garcon called for a personal foul on Williams, and that's 15 useful yards right now, ridiculous play by the WR

> Two minute warning as Bob misses Garcon, who is triple covered

> 3rd and 25 is a have to have killlshot for the defense, and it's a first down to Moss and I'm ready to throw stuff

> Garcon deep with Chung, no PI called either way, phew

> This clock is not moving at all

> Boykin should have had a TAInt to end this, but it's just a knockdown

> Third and 10 is have to have, and Cox gets Griffin down... but it's a hold "prior to the pass" when there is no freaking pass and I have no words

> No idea how that gets called, and DC with the gift first and clock stop

> Helu for 5, gets out of bounds, 13 plays and counting on the drive

> Garcon for the first and out of bounds as CB Rock Carmichael misses the knockdown

> Bob misses an open Robinson in the end zone as a blitz utterly fails

> Final timeout called on a nine yard play to Garcon

> Bob with a terrible unforced error throwaway that Boykin gets in the end zone, and dear Lord in Heaven, that was an escape

> I guess he's trying to avoid the grounding call there. but, um, wow

> That's the first win at home in 413 days, and they now are the Shakiest Division Leader Ever after Week 11

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