Sunday, November 24, 2013

Top 10 NFL Week 12 Takeaways

Green Bay and Minny Gettin' It On
10) There has never been a bigger year for "should we tank for picks or go for the second wild-card"

9) The Casey Keenum Era ended abruptly, but at least the Texans seem to get this whole Tanking For A QB concept

8) Geno Smith's day in Baltimore made Jets Fan wonder if, just maybe, Matt Sanchez could come back and help

8) Tampa saved Greg Schiano's ability to not coach them into the playoffs next year

7) St. Louis doubled up Chicago, but as everyone else in the NFC North is suddenly terrible, it really didn't matter that much

6) San Diego's shocking win in Kansas City gives Denver the chance to bench their starters in the fantasy playoffs, which will make the guy who was going to win your fantasy league go Full Spazz at the Unfairness Of It All

5) Adrian Peterson seems to take those whispers about how he's on the down side a wee bit personally

4) Cleveland threw for 333 yards in a loss to Pittsburgh, with 96 of those somehow not going to Josh Gordon

3) Green Bay and Minnesota played to a frozen, bitter and pointless tie, perfectly reflecting what life is like in both Wisconsin and Minnesota

2) Carolina won their seventh straight game while still not seeming to be all that good, which makes them perfect for the NFL this year

1) They say ties are like kissing your sister, or as it's known in Wisconsin and Minnesota, kissing

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