Friday, November 1, 2013

Ignore Boston, And Help Them Be Even More, Well, Boston-y

Speaking Truth To Power
Here's the truly magical part of the world that we live in. You can, with a remarkable amount of ease, really, completely ignore Boston winning the World Series.

It was not always so, my friends. In 2004, people still read ESPN as if it were important. The NBA wasn't the wildly entertaining league that it is today. The NFL wasn't as culturally dominant as it is today. (We can say this with certainty for decades now.) Boston winning was some kind of novelty, since it was the first time in any of their fan's lives and we got to hear how hard it was to wait. (Um, not having your team win in your lifetime is actually kind of a majority thing. You idiots.) The NFL Network was a rare thing, so Thursday night games weren't around to give us another viewing option. And streaming video with Netflix and Hulu et al wasn't around, so you had fewer options when live TV failed you.

So, well, the Red Sox have won, and... I hate it, but it's more a reflexive thing, you know? I get to turn off some people in my Facebook and Twitted feed for, one presumes, about a week. And then, with any luck at all, I get to revel in the healing waters of the fact that the Patriots aren't very good, and that Boston Fan, like Yankee Fan before him, is never happy with anything for very long.And, well, has to hang out with other Boston Fans, which is kind of its own fantastic curse.

So if I want to be miserable about the most annoying fan base in sports getting yet another ring and parade, well, of course I can do that. Just as I can dwell on an ex, regret a business decision, wish I had taken another path in my career or my personal life or my investments... because, well, that's just the way life is. You need to control your mind and make better mental choices than thinking about a worst to first Boston championship, how they have as much money as anyone to throw at their roster, and that the farm system remains loaded for bear.

Oh, and with New York seeming to care more about avoiding luxury tax, Detroit running on just the arms of aces, Oakland seemingly incapable of winning elimination games and the National League rolling over for them in damn near every World Series they get to...

Well, maybe I should just go back to ignoring MLB entirely. Kind of like the late '90s, when the Yankees made that era must-miss TV.

Because that's the great thing about baseball now. It's increasingly easy to ignore. And the more you ignore Boston Fan, the more that they'll try harder to not be ignored, and inspire more people to ignore them...


snd_dsgnr said...

You'd really put Boston fans above Cowboy fans in the annoying fan pantheon?

I think I'd have to rank the Cowboy fans first. From listening to them talk you would never guess that their team has won fewer playoff games in the last 16 years than every other NFC team except Detroit. Their isn't a fanbase on earth that talks so much trash while cheering a team that actually produces very little, IMO.

DMtShooter said...

I just never run into Dallas fans. Probably because they've gotten their heads kicked by the Romo Tease Era.

Dallas is more of a media problem, IMO, than a fan base one. Is there a member of the '90s team that isn't in jail or on television?

snd_dsgnr said...

Haven't heard anything about Leon Lett in a long time, but your point is well taken.

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