Sunday, November 3, 2013

NFL Week 9 Ad Questions

Takes damage to head at home
10) When Wal-Mart brings kids into the store to test toys, how many are left behind to become Associates?

9) Does eating at Buffalo Wild Wings make you hear imaginary voices that compel you to order for other people?

8) Haven't America's active duty military suffered enough hardship without digesting Appleby's?

7) Does Nationwide ensure drivers who hallucinate?

6) Has anyone told Samsung that many more people hate LeBron James than want to use his tech, much less hear about his drive to be even more smug?

5) If you need a Jeep to remind you that you are still alive, are you, really?

4) Why is the electrician union paying for wildly expensive NFL ads, and does it have anything to do with the fact that their members wear protective headgear all the time?

3) Is the main benefit of using an iPad Air that you can also fit useful pencils along with it? (And, as a bonus, given who does the voice over on that ad... Can you also sell it for crystal blue meth?)

2) Why is the Bud Light screaming TV Patriot Fan so upset, seeing how his team almost always wins?

1) Do instant replays take so long because the NFL has to use Microsoft Surface?

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