Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Top 10 early season NBA takeaways

10) The New York teams are a combined 6-20, look incredibly old and dysfunctional, and cost an absurd amount of money

9) Three teams in the entire Eastern Conference have winning records, which is probably one too many

8) San Antonio and Indiana are a combined 26-2, which just goes to show that those irrepressible scamps still think the regular season matters

7) Derrick Rose's latest catastrophic knee injury has doomed the Bulls to a season of trying to overcome superior talent, or, well, the same year they would have had with him

6) Utah and Milwaukee have taken early lead in the Wiggins Tankapalooza, but only Utah seems to have gotten there by design

5) Doc Rivers has used his incredible coaching acumen to guide the Clippers to the same exact place they were a year ago

4) Denver and Memphis have both slid back in the standings after firing their highly regarded coaches, shocking, well, no one

3) Portland has won 11 in a row, proving that all of last year's troubles can be laid at the door of JJ Hickson

2) If the season ended today, Philadelphia would have the 8th seed in the East, and Philly Fan would be completely irate at, once again, being sold something that wasn't what they pitched

1) Depending on the team you root for, 15 to 20% of the regular season has already been played, and we are that much closer to Basketball Heaven On Earth -- also known as a Celtics and Lakers-free playoff year

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