Sunday, November 10, 2013

Top 10 NFL Week 10 Ad Questions

That Is Unseemly
10) Can Will Ferrell do any less to make money?

9) How much is the Taco Bell white guy eating "steak" basketball player going to hurl when he plays against the actual players?

8) Could AT&T be better with their coverage if they didn't spend all of their time talking to children?

7) When Outback says "you asked for it, mates", does anyone else hear a threat?

6) When Domino's asks people for their names on phone delivery orders, is there any other purpose other than blackmail?

5) Did Lou Reed's estate insist on Sony restarting the "Perfect Day" campaign, seeing how he's been dead for a whole week?

4) Do Visa users fantasize about being grievously wounded by Drew Brees in a dystopian hellscape?

3) Is Amazon's Mayday feature just one woman with an odd dye job?

2) Do you know anyone that has ever referred to a beer glass as a chalice?

1) If your definition of greatness is three cheese in your pizza crust, how do you live your life every day without sticking your head in the oven?

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