Sunday, November 17, 2013

Top 10 NFL Week 11 Ad Questions

Eat Badly
10) Why is Santa at FedEx already with his coal, when it's not even Thanks- giving yet, and why are his elves also dicks?

9) If you are shopping on Thanksgiving, doesn't that pretty much prove that you are either desperately poor, an unholy miser, or some other form of complete douchebag?

8) Does anyone really believe that a tablet/laptop hybrid is the key to getting babes?

7) Why is Papa John so concerned about getting a whole slice of pizza, when he clearly can have as much of that crap as he can stomach?

6) Can Best Buy survive the holidays by just marketing to extremely lame people?

5) Is there a bigger indication of the influence of the 1%, and the need for a massive amount of guillotine work, than Christmas luxury automobile commercials?

4) If I don't get DirecTV, will I engage in sado-masochistic relationships with vermin?

3) Why are Subway customers so prone to fisting their sandwiches into camera lenses?

2) Shouldn't the woman running her own stunt person agency invest more in insurance?

1) If I buy anything from Verizon, do I have to deal with horribly irritating IT people?

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