Sunday, November 17, 2013

Top 10 NFL Week 11 Takeaways

>2 Years Away From Scapegoat
10) Oakland beat Houston in Houston with Matt McGloin throwing 3 TDs, but Texan Fan will remain convinced that it's all Matt Schaub's fault

9) Pittsburgh took out Detroit on a classic Ben Roethlisberger Wants To Get Paid day

8) Tampa has back to back wins, proving that head coach Greg Schiano can't even tank right

7) Cincy scored 41 points on a day where their QB threw for 93 yards with 2 picks and they ran it 31 times for 106 yards with no TDs, because Cleveland Is Magic

6) Chicago won at home despite a tornado delay, and perhaps the third weather delay of the year will finally make some climate change deniers reconsider

5) Evil Geno Smith, who looks a lot like Regular Mark Sanchez, showed up today to turn it over four times in a 23-point loss

4) Feel free to disregard the inevitable Cardinals Dark Horse stories, seeing how they will come after a win against those always lovable Jaguars

3) San Diego lost to a Dolphin team without an offensive line, mostly because they insist on using smurfy Danny Woodhead on money downs, rather than a real player

2) The Giants won their fourth straight game and are actually alive in the playoff race after losing their first six, because the NFC East is just that special

1) Seattle clowned the Vikings so badly, Tavaris Jackson played

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