Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Top 10 reasons why the Eagles named Nick Foles the starter for the rest of the year

Exit, Stage Left
10) Want to ensure that he gets hurt damned near immediately, since that what always happens to the Eagles starting QB

9) Feel that with job security, he's sure to go better than a 16/0 TD to INT ratio

8) It's not as if Michael Vick has much of a case left for the job

7) With Foles in the lineup, Riley Cooper actually gets open and resembles an NFL WR

6) The team was waiting for an hour when Vick was healthy to announce the change

5) Foles just finished November with the highest QB rating in league history, though to be fair, Oakland was incredibly generous in that regard

4) Foles is younger, cheaper, healthier and not despised by an unrelenting portion of the populace

3) There's that relatively simple matter of wanting to win games and stuff

2) Want to spotlight Vick's ability to say the right things while holding a clipboard, which should be his role in the NFL for the next five to ten years

1) Chip Kelly thought good and hard about playing both guys at once, but doesn't want to make the Internet explode

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