Friday, November 15, 2013

Top 11 Takeaways from Richie Incognito's Legal Challenge Against The Dolphins

11) In a shocking devel- opment, Incognito is going to draw this out and make it ugly

10) Incognito feels that the Dolphins had no right to suspend him, seeing how they knew what he was when they married him

9) Seeing how the suit is filed in Florida, it's not as if he can't find a jury of his peers

8) Now that Walter White is dead, Saul Goodman has the time to take the case

7) It's not as if he's going to mess up his next NFL job

6) Like every NFL player, pretty much living paycheck to paycheck, especially now that the extortion money has dried up

5) Clearly needs something to feel good about and fast, otherwise he's going to act out

4) Needs the money to pay for psychological treatment for the condition that isn't in any way related to his current lack of employment

3) Incognito feels that if he wins this case, Fox pretty much has to give him Tony Siragusa's job

2) Given how this is America, and Incognito is what he is, the real shocking development is how this had not been filed weeks ago

1) The NFLPA didn't want to support Incognito's case, but then he told them he'd s--- in their f------ mouths and kill their families

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