Sunday, November 3, 2013

Top Top NFL Week 9 Takeaways

No Need To Update
10) Charger WR Kenan Allen was called for PI on a play where he did not touch the DB until being tackled because, well, um, I have no idea why that was called

9) Jeff Fisher's Vengeance Game was thwarted by Chris Johnson

8) The Chiefs were a yard away from being down 14 points on the road, then got a 100 yard TAInt, and won by 11 despite being outgained by 260 yards

7) The NFC East was 3-0 today, which more or less proves that no one knows anything any more

6) The Jets gave up a defensive first down on a play where Drew Brees was hit in the stomach a half second after throwing for a low hit, because, well, um, I have no idea why that was called

5) It may be time for Dick LeBeau to leave the Pittsburgh defensive coordinator job, because this unit's performance late in the Patriot game counts as Elder Abuse

4) Rex Ryan is still undefeated against his brother, because he knows his werewolf coaching secrets

3) Seattle escaped defeat against an inferior opponent for the second straight week, just because they hate trying harder than they have to, or blocking

2) I would write a full sentence about the Falcons' effort today, but I don't want to make more of an effort then they did

1) Jason Campbell won against the defending Super Bowl champions, and yeah, we really don't have to worry about a Raven Dynasty

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