Monday, December 9, 2013

Top 10 NFL Week 14 Takeaways

Seats Available, None Good
10) It's a good thing that DC employs stadium personnel, because that ensures that someone in town worked today

9) Matt Flynn came up big for the Packers, ensuring that he wouldn't play any more games this year

8) The Patriots beat a terrible Browns team by a single point, at home, after losing their best player for the year to injury, and recovering an onside kick, which keeps alive their dream of being the very worst #1 seed ever

7) Fox gave the New York / Philadelphia megalopolis a lifeless Giants team against a going nowhere Charger club, all the way into Charlie Whitehurst time, rather than the Niners-Seahawkrs game that had actual good teams in a close game that mattered, because Fox Blows Donkeys For Funsies

6) Geno Smith threw a touchdown pass to a member of his own team, and it only seemed a little bit accidental

5) Minnesota and Baltimore combined for a season's worth of soul-crushing late game defensive mistakes -- 6 lead changes in the fourth quarter after a game filled with defense in the snow-- but in the end, Minnesota just wanted the loss a little bit more

4) Miami continued its late-season No Incognito surge with a win on the road in Pittsburgh that owed only a little bit to Antonio Brown having a single toe out of bounds on a potential game-winning trick play

3) Peyton Manning proved that he could have a big statistical game in cold weather against an overmatched opponent, so that's all settled now

2) San Francisco held on to beat the Seahawks, ending the nightmarish prospect of a short QB winning an MVP award

1) New Orleans shook off last week's road loss and had a dominant night game win at home, which is to say, they remained New Orleans

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