Sunday, December 15, 2013

Top 10 NFL Week 15 Takeaways

That He Gave Us Tony Romo
10) It's a good thing Eli Manning has two Super Bowl rings, or Giant Fan might boo him for the five picks today that bring his season total to, um, freaking 25

9) The Patriots finally lost a game where they were the worst team on the field

8) Washington's Mike Shanahan chose to go for two, rather than take his chances in overtime on the road, because he really wants to avoid working any longer than he has to

7) The Eagle defense chose a bad time to revert back to their September form, and yes, it's all my fault for noticing that they were getting the better of the refs recently

6) Jay Cutler shook off the rust and got lucky late in the game to give the Bears nearly the same level of production they've been getting from his back up

5) Matt McGloin played nearly the entire game in a blowout loss at home for Oakland despite five INTs, because they hate Terrell Pryor that much

3) Garrett Hartley missed a 25-yard field goal with under two minutes left in a freaking dome, killing the Saints' last chance in their latest baffling road turd

4) The Niners stomped the Bucs in Tampa while holding them to 13 total first downs, setting them up to be the Wild Card Team No One Wants To Face

3) Geno Smith threw his fifth TAInt of the season, and Ryan Fitzpatrick killed his team with picks, but in picking against them against the spread, I went 0-1-1 and but did cover the spread, so I hate them and gambling very, very much

2) In the time you were reading this, Jamal Charles is taking a screen to the house, untouched

1) Dallas blew a 26-3 halftime lead, for the biggest comeback win in Packer history, to lose 37-36 at home to Matt Flynn in a game they absolutely needed for playoff positioning, in a game where they were running the ball with wild success, because their defense is just that bad, they are too stupid to not keep throwing the ball, Tony Romo is Tony Romo, and God Loves The World


Snd_dsgnr said...

Eli is starting to give me Jake Delhomme flashbacks, which is kind of terrifying. Delhomme was a totally competent QB, usually borderline Pro Bowl, until one day he just wasn't anymore. He was always a little turnover prone, then he became a turnover machine and turned into a contract albatross.

Don't get me wrong here, the guy won two titles in blue and will always have my devotion for that. I'd just really hate to see his career go that way, both from a team perspective and because I like him as a player individually.

DMtShooter said...

Seattle can make any team look bad, but the thing to me about Eli is that his arm strength was never the best part of his game -- witness the fades in the Meadowlands in the latter part of years, then the great playoff road games, usually in climate controlled situations. If only they had given the new yard a roof.

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