Sunday, December 22, 2013

Top 10 NFL Week 16 Ad Questions

Food Porn
10) Isn't the biggest sign that you tell the world by having a Pandora bracelet on your wrist is that you care so little about your appearance as to tolerate having a vast amount of crap on your arm?

9) What the hell is in the water at Nationwide Insurance to create such grotesquely oversized babies?

8) Do all Chromebooks ship with incessant Web memes?

7) Given the recent security issues, who else loves it when you shop at Target?

6) Are all mopey teens misunderstood Apple filmmakers?

5) When Nissan tells you to commute your way, then runs a disclaimer that cars can't jump on to trains, aren't they just filled with lies?

4) If you give someone a Subway gift card, is that a sadder statement about you or the recipient?

3) If Santa Claus works as a Chevy salesman during the rest of the year, why does he rely on magical livestock?

2) Is anyone else disturbed by the Wendy's girl encouraging intercourse with a sandwich?

1) How many deaths by knitted cozy will FedEx inspire this year?

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