Monday, December 23, 2013

Top 10 NFL Week 16 Takeaways

Luke Is Good At Football
10) Matt Cassel gave the Vikings fans the great gift of playing like the real Matt Cassel, which got them a better draft pick and, well, no more of him

9) Tony Romo was so clutch in the fourth quarter, he saved the Cowboys season, despite the best efforts of Tony Romo

8) Miami showed their commitment to muddying up the irrelevant #6 AFC seed question by not even scoring a single point in Buffalo

7) The NFC North went winless, with the "best" effort coming in a home loss where the team lost in large part due to an offsides against a field goal attempt

6) Tennessee beat Jacksonville, and the lucky spectators all received a credit for three hours of community service

5) Russell Wilson showed that he can, in fact, stink and lose at home, though it took a defensive collapse and terrible luck

4) In a battle of monumentally disappointing teams, Detroit proved that they wanted to hurt their fans more than the Giants

3) Pittsburgh kept their playoff hopes alive, and all they need to have happen is a win, three other contenders to lose, a rooster to crow at midnight and Mike Tomlin to clap harder

2) Peyton Manning broke the all-time single-season record with 51 passing touchdowns, and since he did all of that in the regular fantasy football season, this makes him the greatest player ever

1) The Panthers beat the Saints at home, clinching a playoff spot and the inside track on the NFC South title and #2 seed in a torrential downpour that was nearly as fierce and unrelenting as Luke "24 freaking tackles" Kuechly

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