Sunday, December 1, 2013

Top 10 reasons why the Twins signed Phil Hughes

What, Me Wealthy?
10) After locking down Ricky Nolasco, really needed someone even more frustrating in the rotation

9) Three years and $24 million is a fine price to pay for a guy with a lifetime 4.54 ERA

8) Have decided that, on further review, having pitchers who get strikeouts might be desirable

7) Clearly, Hughes was the key for all of those Yankee teams that beat them in the playoffs

6) At 240 pounds, Hughes is only $100K a pound, and even less once he sees those Minnesota serving sizes

5) Hughes is 27, and due for his peak season, where he's all the way up to mediocre

4) He's 3-2 with a 3.27 ERA lifetime against the Twins, so they are really taking a guy that's owned them away from the rest of the league

3) They are convinced that those 420+ foot home run balls in the Bronx will turn into harmless 420+ foot outs at Target Field

2) Any time you can lock down a guy that his original team can't wait to get away from, who is also being strongly pursued by those powerhouse Mets and Royals, you pretty much have to do that

1) Joe Blanton got $15 million, and Dan Haren got $10 million, so the Twins had to act fast and strong to make sure they weren't locked out of the dumbness

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