Sunday, December 22, 2013

Top 10 takeaways from Brook Lopez's Year-Ending Injury

10) Boy, the Knicks are really not going to like finishing behind them now

9) Kevin Garnett's plan of not playing back to back games just went away

8) This is clearly the fault of Jason Kidd or Lawrence Frank, depending on which side of that line you are on

7) Lopez played on the broken foot for the remainder of the second half and overtime, proving that when the Nets show heart, God is not amused

6) Lopez should be fine to return by summer. when he'll get to meet a new coach and walk to all number of retirement press conferences

5) This is a crushing blow to a 9-17 team, which is to say, um, well, whatever

4) With the injury happening to the same bone and foot that ended his 2011-12 season and has had three surgeries in two years, that 4-year $60 million deal isn't looking, like any of the other Nets' signing, to be a good deal for the club

3) The fact that they might not be a defensive sieve by switching from Lopez to Garnett and Andray Blatche means nothing

2) As the man somehow only gets 6 boards a game despite playing 31+ minutes while being 7 feet tall, still not sure how this is crippling to anyone but fantasy honks

1) There is no truth to the announcement that the team is now going to move back to Newark, since they are so very clearly Not Hip

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