Friday, December 20, 2013

Top 10 Takeaways From Kobe Bryant's Latest Injury

Always Bet On Age
10) First sign that his latest contract might have been nearly as good a decision for the team as his decision to "date" in Colorado

9) Perhaps going straight to high school to playing more minutes than anyone in the world for the past 15 years might cause a wee bit of fragility

8) This proves, once and for all, that when rich people go to Europe for medical treatment, they are wrong wrong wrong

7) With LA Fan's typical level of devotion, the area's last Laker fans are converting as you read this

6) It might not have been a good idea to make him play point guard last week

5) As Bryant typically uses slights and doubters as motivation, he's now planning to come back as a 7-foot tall center

4) This is a crushing blow to a Laker team that was (a) 2-4 with him in the lineup, (b) a swept 8 seed last year with Dwight Howard and (c) now 11th in the stacked West, in that crushing blows aren't what they used to be

3) Both of the team's remaining fans now pinning their hopes on 39-year-old Steve Nash's latest return from injury, which should last way more than six games, so there

2) It's really a shame for the Laker fan base, who haven't had enough to root for over the years, and the fan bases of every other NBA team just feels so, so badly for them

1) In David Stern's final act as NBA Commissioner, Lakers to receive mid-season transfer to the Atlantic Division

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