Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top 10 takeaways from NFL Black Monday

That's Raycist
10) We're not saying that Mike Shanahan is happy to go with a year's severance, but he just can't seem to stop giggling

9) Oakland somehow resisted the urge to can their coach, and knowing you have a problem is the first step towards getting help

8) Rob Chudzinski was fired after just one year, and if you believe the Browns, about half of that time was actually spent working, not that the Browns have given anyone any reason to believe them

7) The Giants' ownership came out in support of Tom Coughlin, which might qualify as elder abuse

6) Minnesota canned Leslie Frazier, but kindly didn't wake him

5) Jason Garrett is totally safe in Dallas, because he hasn't had a losing season

4) Detroit fired Jim Schwartz, mostly just to make him finally hear that cheering from the fan base that he was missing

3) Houston has already told Wade Philips that his services won't be needed, mostly because they are mostly theoretical

2) The Bucs terminated Greg Schiano, then kicked him in the shins as he was walking out the door, just to honor his legacy of sportsmanship

1) Sadly, the league failed to capitalize on the annual termination holiday by getting a corporate sponsorship or re-use that "Had A Bad Day" song

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