Sunday, January 5, 2014

Eagles - Saints Takeaways

Remember, Eagle Fan Is Classless
> Eagles win the toss and defer, as you should

> K Alex Henery with the altitude sad kick, which should have qualified as foreshadowing

> RB Mark Ingram for 17 on the game's first play, which was all kinds of easy, then KR/RB Darren Sproles for more ease

> Ingram for another first, and the Saints are already at the edge of figgie range

> LB Trent Cole for a rare and good cover moment

> QB Drew Brees missed Sproles for a TD, as LB Connor Barwin gets beat on an underthrow

> The Saints got away with a blown clock and timeout on dropped litter from their own guy, which is a neat trick to try when you want to avoid a delay penalty

> HC Sean Payton goes for it on 4th and 2 from outside figgie range at the 37, as you should

> Saints with a false start on Brees, and that's a break

> P Thomas Morestead misses an opportunity with a weak kick, and Green starts at their own 17, which is a lot better than it could be

> Between Brees' miss to Sproles and that punt, I wonder if the Eagles have the wind in the first quarter

> The nation's founding fathers are all wearing the Eagles' laundry, which can't be popular with most of America

> QB Nick Foles misses badly on first, then it's RB LeSean McCoy for 3, and Foles to TE Zach Ertz for the first down

> McCoy for 2, Foles to WR Jason Avant on the curious choice screen -- there's at least five better guys to throw that to -- and then a misfire to McCoy, and that's 6 plays and out

> P Donnie Jones got the roll for 49 and no return, and the Saints have been better so far

> RB Kyrie Robinson for 4, Brees misses Ingram on an obvious screen, and it gets loud for not enough for Ingram, and this isn't the offensive fireworks we were expecting

> Morstead with another bad punt, and Green starts at their own 47

> Foles keeps for 3, and the Saints aren't leaving him free on the read option

> McCoy crushed for a loss, and the o-line ain't doing much

> 3rd and 11 is a big damned deal, and it's McCoy for a meh screen for the three and out

> This offense looks scared right now

> Massive ST fail by gunner Brandon Boykin and Rock Carmichael, who kicked away nearly 20 yards of field position and a safety chance

> Ingram for 7, then 3, and the Saints' running game is better than their patience with it

> Brees to TE Jimmy Graham for 21, and that's the nightmare I was having

> Brees with a terrible deep ball to WR Kenny Stills for the easy pick by CB Bradley Fletcher, just an awful football play by QB and WR

> Foles to WR Riley Cooper for 6, then throws away under pressure

> 3rd and 4 after the pick is a big damned deal, and it's Foles keeping composure and taking Avant for the conversion

> McCoy with his first glimpse of daylight for 5, then it's Foles to TE Brent Celek for the nice progression throw for 24

> Foles to McCoy for squat as the Saints' DL looks weak, then Kelly notices and gives to McCoy for 6

> Third and 1 should be a tempo running play for the conversion, but Saints HC Sean Peyton is smarter than that and calls time, rather than defend with 3 down linemen

> I love, love, love the Blur Offense for moments like that

> Kelly runs it anyway and it fails, with old friend DT Broderick Bunkley ending things

> The Saints go down on an injury to be fresh for 4th and 1, which is the kind of thing they should probably coach, really

> I'd be OK with the figgie right here, but I'm not Kelly

> Kelly goes for it, and McCoy crushes it, which makes Kelly a lot smarter than me

> C Jason Kelce with the work there

> Terrible screen to Celek for an 8 yard loss, and that was too tricksy when the line blew a hole open on fourth down

> Foles with a terrible sack to end the first quarter, just to remind us that this is his second year

> At the end of the first, it's scoreless, which, um, no one predicted

> On 3rd and 29, it's McCoy for 5 and the long figgie try

> Henery from 48 misses, and that should be the last long one he tries today

> Big stand from the defense there, especially after getting blown up on fourth down

> Robinson for 7 and 2, then Brees on an avalanche sneak for the easy first

> Brees to Ingram on the scramble screen for another first

> Ingram for one as NT Bennie Logan gets identified as a LB by NBC's Cris Collingsworth, who may have head trauma

> Sproles is wide open in the flat, but can't get up fast enough to get the first

> 3rd and 3 at the edge of figgie range is Sproles converting as the Eagles over pursue

> Brees aborts a screen, then takes Ingram for 4

> Eagles rushing 3 a lot and getting away with it so far

> 3rd and 7 is a big damned deal, and it's Brees to Graham, who fumbles while lunging for the first, I hope -- big long replay on that one

> Not too put too fine a point on it, but this a potential 7-point overrule

> Crazy close call that doesn't seem like it should be overturned... but it goes to the Saints, of course

> Fourth and short sees Peyton going for it again, and Brees gets it with a sneak, but TE Ben Watson flinches for no reason and the gift five yards

> K Shayne Graham from 36 is good, and it's Saints 3, Eagles 0, Henery -3

> KR Brad Smith to the 23; he's professional but not really explosive any more

> McCoy for 2, Foles to Avant for 5 -- what the hell is up with all of the looks for Avant -- and a miss to Celek for the three and out

> LB Roman Harper with a borderline DPI / good coverage

> Jones deep to Sproles, and the Saints have it back with a quickness

> Brees to WR Marques Colston for 10, then Ingram for 4, Brees wiggling for 4, and Robinson fighting hard to convert

> Robinson is making himself some money in the absence of RB Pierre Thomas

> Ingram for 4 with more speed than I thought he had

> Brees with a clear air turbulence pick to LB DeMecco Ryans, who gets a room service job

> If the Saints just run the ball, they are up a lot in this game

> Offense has to do something now, goddamit

> Foles to Cooper for a nice 22 yard crossing route off play action, then not quite as fast as I'd like to Ertz for 4

> McCoy with a hole on the cutback, and he gets 7 and the first

> Foles to Avant for a yard, and the next yard after contact that Avant gets will be his first

> Luckily for America, Al Michaels knows what is inside the mind of defensive players who lie down on the ground when the Eagle offense is trying to run tempo

> An absurd amount of time later, it's Foles to Ertz, who can't come down in the back corner of the end zone; would have been very hard for him to get the feet down if he had made the catch

> Foles with all day on third down, and he threads the needle to Cooper for the score

> Just a great play by the Eagle QB, who showed patience and arm strength to make the conversion there

> We are treated to Sad Brees Face after, as required by federal law, and since Cooper made the play, we also have to mention Cooper's pre-season asshattery, which is also required by federal law

> Green 7, Saints 3 with 1:43 left and 2 Saints timeouts is a lot to ask for

> Brees with touch to Graham for the first, then Sproles for 13, and it's moving time for Black

> LB Brandon Graham with the near strip sack for 2 yards, and Peyton takes his second timeout

> Brees lobbies, and gets, defensive holding on a play where Sproles could have been blocking, but what the hell, throw a flag

> Another first, then Brees forces to Graham, knocked down by the defense

> Barwin with yet another deflection, but it falls to the turf for third and long

> On 3rd and 10, Brees can't pull the trigger, and Cole gets him down for no gain

> Graham in to try from 47 to end the half, and he just makes it -- damn shame the Saints gave up on Garrett Hartley -- and it's 7-6 Green at the half

> Smith with an opportunity on the second half kickoff, and does a weird bounce move to the 25

> Foles to Avant for a worrisome 5 yards after good protection

> Grounding after committee meeting, which is, honestly, my biggest peeve about the NFL right now

> On 3rd and 17, Foles holds it again and takes the sack, and yes, this is the best rushing offense in the NFL

> Jones does his job and then some, but Sproles has room to get it back to the 46

> Up a point at home and +2 on turnovers is not serene

> Ingram for 2 and 4, and the money down is Brees to WR Lance Moore for an easy conversion

> Ingram for 18 on a big hole, then Robinson for 6 on a clear hold on Barwin, which is actually called

> Brees to Sproles, with CB Cary Williams getting him to the ground with some worries, for 9

> Brees across his body to Moore, who has an easy jog into the end zone for the score

> Graham converts, and it's 13-7 Black

> Smith to the 24 on the kickoff, and we have the rare and wonderful opportunity to watch commercials

> McCoy for 2 painful yards, then right back for 4

> Third and 4 is everything, and it's a little chaotic... leading to a timeout, ouch

> WR Desean Jackson highlight reel shows him rarely getting a look despite some separation

> Cooper with a godawful drop, and he has 40 yards in front of him with a simple freaking catch

> Turnover level mistake by the WR there

> Jones with his worst punt, but STer Kurt Coleman covers Sproles

> Ingram for 3 when he could have had more, then 5, and honestly, a patient running game wins this going away

> Third and 2 is a big damned deal, and it's another oh so timely timeout before a flag

> Brees to Colston after clear holding, with Cary Williams down after the play; he looks OK, but will have to miss a play

> 3rd and 12 is an even bigger deal, and it's Brees over replacement Carmichael to Stills for the first

> That was in no way predictable

> Brees to Watson for a deep one after long protection, and this game is just about to get out of reach

> Ingram for 10 super tough yards, and he's looked great tonight

> Sproles for 9 on a tipped ball by Barwin as the defense no longer looks capable of tackling

> Ingram for a first, then the score, and this defense looks spent

> Black 20, Green 7 with 19 minutes left, and I'm trying to remember how this is a House Money Year

> Smith to the 35, and if this is going to be a game, they need to do something right now

> Rob Ryan getting screen time, which never happens

> McCoy for 11 yards of pure talent, and clowned LB Roman Harper

> Foles nearly gets Avant killed, with CB Keenan Lewis slow afterward

> Lewis staggers off, and that could be a big loss

> Saints encroach for 5, then it's Foles to WR DeSean Jackson, who wins the jump ball for 40 huge yards

> DJ for little as the play is snapped before possible review

> McCoy for 7 yards of breathtaking talent, and that was amazing

> Third and goal from the two is everything, and it's McCoy to the one

> Auto go on fourth, but tempo is lacking

> McCoy gets in as the clock is near zero, and wow, that was cutting it freaking close

> Black 20, Green 14, and it's a game again

> The Lewis injury and the possible DJ bounds problem are two major breaks that give us drama, and water is wet

> Henery deep enough for a touchback, and that's also useful

> Defense needs to step up, and they get to Brees to force an incomplete on first

> Ingram for 7 and a flag, and it's a hold for 10 -- Black looking a little rattled all of a sudden

> 2nd and 20 is TE Josh Hill for 9, and that's the end of three quarters

> 3rd and 11 for a three and out is a big damned deal, and it's an odd give-up call to Sproles that DE Vinny Curry swallows after 3 meaningless yards

> Morsetead to Jackson, who gets the sideline and a solid return; Green ball at the Black 40 after a 29-yard return

> Lewis unlikely to return with a head issue; he'd have been back in the Bad Old Days

> McCoy for 2 tough ones, then Cooper on the out for the first down

> Cooper again for 14 more, and Foles is getting surgical on a back up, from play action

> Tempo lacking, and Foles misses DJ in the end zone, who was covered

> McCoy for 4, and the 3rd and 6 is a wee bit significant

> Lewis arguing with air on the sideline

> Foles to McCoy, short of the first down by two yards, and Kelly correctly goes for the field goal

> Henery from 26 connects, but he'll have to do it from 31 now

> I'm not loving Henery's ball flight at all... but he makes from 31, and it's Black 20, Green 17

> Sproles to the 26 as the kickers continue to not cover themselves in glory

> 11 minutes left with the Saints having a killshot opportunity

> Ingram for 4, now has 16 for 95, should have a lot more

> Brees to Sproles moves the sticks, and the defense can't give back points here

> Brees to WR Robert Mecham, who is free and clear on S Patrick Chung for 40 yards, and God, does Patrick Chung Suck

> Stills for 1 on a painful end around ended by Barwin, then Robinson escapes Kendricks for 7 on what could have been a loss

> NT Fletcher Cox down and out for a play, Curry in on 3rd and 4

> Huge play here, and it's Brees missing Moore on play action from a power formation, with Collingsworth praising Chung -- I'm not ready to go there

> Graham makes, and it's Black 23, Green 17 with 8 minutes left

> Smith to the 24, and we're in a wee bit of tension here

> McCoy for 5 that looked good, then 8 as Avant and DJ get enough for the first

> Foles misses DJ as Celek limps off, too quick

> DJ with speed on the cross and high steps for 10, pretty

> Lewis stays out, and we're deep into Narrative now

> Cooper for 8 on full extension, Foles missing high and getting bailed out

> McCoy converts for 2 and the drive is looking professional

> Foles tries DJ late, and CB Corey White never adjusts -- huge DPI from a crew that calls a lot of them

> 40 yard flag that was immense

> Foles keeps and tries a bad shuttle to McCoy, it gets little

> Foles to Ertz a second after Collingsworth hypes him for a sneaky little throw, and that's an Eagle touchdown

> Henery converts, and that's the first Eagle lead since early in the third

> Green 24, Black 23, five minutes and an eternity left

> Sproles with a big runback, and Williams makes it worse with a horse collar -- just about the worst time for Inevitable ST Fail

> 4:47 left, Black on the Eagle 48, and Ingram loses a yard to Graham

> Loud crowd in smoky post-firework air, and Robinson gets a huge chunk and a first

> Saints near figgie range already

> Ingram for 3 and the clock burns for additional worries

> Colston for 6 and it's a third and 1 for the control of the ball game

> Kelly takes his second timeout with 2:31 left

> Brees for the third time tonight with an easy mush sneak, and this has all been too easy

> Two minutes left, and unless the defense makes a miracle, this should end on Graham's foot

> Four to Robinson, final Green timeout, and I almost want the defense to carry him into the end zone and end this on their own terms

> Robinson for the near first, and this is a sad, sad way to end a great season

> 3rd and inches, and I'd sell my soul for a lost fumble right here

> Brees again, and, um, you might want to, I don't know, send a safety running full at the center there, like what Troy Polamalu does

> Brees centers it, Graham comes on for the coup d'etat, and your final is Black 26, Green 24

> More later, I guess, and I really hate having been right about this game

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Snd_dsgnr said...

Sorry man, really thought you guys would take that one. You're looking pretty well set up for the future though. Have a lot of promising young talent in town, something that can't really be said about my squad.

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