Sunday, January 5, 2014

Top 10 Niners - Packers Takeaways

Yes, Yes, Whatever
10) The Niners utterly dominated for the first 17 minutes, then found themselves behind, because field goals are for losers and playoff turnovers matter more than anything

9) It's still kind of amazing that a sixth round pick was the only thing required to get Anquan Boldin

8) There's no truth to the rumor that they've renamed Lambeau Field to Lambeau Frozen Grass of Sadness Where Nothing Grows

7) In the weekend's best game with tons of back and forth action, huge plays, physical defense and a minimum amount of officiating hijinks, Fox really needed to tell you more about the wind chill, a lot

6) Just to show you how awful the Internet is, the only thing that will get traffic from this game is Jon Kuhn failing to leap into the crowd, cause he's, you know, white

5) Aaron Rodgers is some kind of witch, and yes, I know that holding wasn't called and whatever

4) Michael Crabtree damn near wet-nursed Colin Kaepernick in the Niners' last drive in regulation, and then the QB just ran to win

3) This game showed how, um, scoring while taking time off the clock kind of matters, Chip Kelly

2) Somehow, the Niners burned two of three second half timeouts in a tight game early, and it didn't matter

1) Road teams went 3 and An Utterly Absurd Blown Lead this weekend, proving that Divisions Don't Matter

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