Sunday, January 19, 2014

Niners - Seahawks Takeaways

Amazing game and player, only memory
> Kind of suspect a first play turnover from your second year and hasn't been good recently QB is not the way the home team draws it up

> Major win by the Seattle defense to not give up the seven, but still a disaster start for the home team

> LB Navarro Bowman ended RB Marshawn Lynch on a third down run, because he's crazy good

> Talking about the decibel level at Seattle games isn't nearly as stupid as talking about the sun in Denver, but it's still pretty damned stupid

> If Niners QB Colin Kaepernick ran this much every game, he'd never make it to the playoffs

> Fourth and 1 from the 41 is auto go, but the Niners just did the wuss delay move; it worked out because P Andy Lee is a monster

> Wilson's touch/luck on the ball to WR Doug Baldwin, over CB Eric Reid, was very tight

> DB Donte Whitner's flag for a hit on a crossing drop is how football is called now, and awful

> Huge sack by the Niners to kill any chance to get back the figgie at the end of the first quarter, and this is as fierce as advertised

> PR LaMichael James with maximum puntfail, but the Niners got the ball back, luckily

> CB Richard Sherman with the 5-yard flag that contributes to the monster long drive

> Kaepernick putting up crazy rushing numbers early, not that you needed me to tell you that

> Scoring review on the Niners' touchdown took seven points off the board... for one play, and it's 10-0 for the road team after 20 minutes

> Wilson with the big time Fran Tarkenton impersonation to Doug Baldwin, but the Niner defense dominates in the red zone and holds to the figgie

> 3 and out for the Niners as the Niner offense is just hyper-dependent on Kaepernick's legs

> Watching Lynch go against the Niners is just about the best of best worlds, really... and then the RB finally broke loose and tied it up

> On Lynch's touchdown run to tie the game, he spent the last 20 yards more Not Falling than Running

> Niners got the luck early on loose balls, as a fat guy turned a sack into a few yards

> Kaepernick to WR Anquan Boldin is a Woo! play, and gets the Niners the lead right back

> Big answering drive by the Niner offense to get the lead back, and man alive, are these teams good

> KR/WR Doug Baldwin with the 3-point return to get it closer again

> S Kam Chancellor made TE Vernon Davis reconsider his profession, and that was porny

> I'd write something about the Seahawks answering touchdown and their first lead of the game, but I think it's being turned into an opera

> Russell Wilson knows how to take advantage of a free play

> LaMichael James is somehow still alive to return kicks after that punt problem earlier

> Finally, the Seahawks recovered a fumble, with 10 minutes left in the game, and you see why Kaepernick is just happier running it than trusting his protection or arm

> Karmic justice was achieved when the Niners recovered a fumble a play after they should have, well, recovered a fumble

> Kaepernick's INT after fumble was just brutally bad, and added to the back and forth I Have No Idea nature of this game

> Golden Tate nearly gave away a crucial first down, because he's kind of insane

> Lynch ran for two of the best yards ever on a broken play

> Both teams got really sloppy late in this game, mostly due, one suspects, to unrelenting and inhuman physical trauma

> Had Seattle kicked their figgie after the Bowman Tragedy, would have been up 9 with less than 4 minutes left

> Gadget play oddness with three minutes left aborted by RB Kendall Hunter

> The odd 2-minute warning moment nearly made America miss the biggest play of the game for a Viagra ad

> On fourth and killshot, the Seahawk defense can't contain Kaepernick, who finds Gore for the season-continuing conversion

> Seattle had so many chances to end this on the Niners final drive, but the pass rush and secondary is not doing it for them... and then CB Richard Sherman makes the tip, and it's all over

> Why on Earth the Niner QB is trying the CB he's avoided all day, with plenty of time and timeouts left, I'll never know

> Had Kaepernick just worn his hat better last week in Carolina, he would not have had those fourth quarter turnovers

> Honestly, there is no way that the Super Bowl will be half of the game this one was, mostly because these teams just well and truly detest each other, and are the best in the league

 > It says something about where we are as a nation that the best football game in decades is only going to be remembered for 15 seconds of post-game promo


Snd_dsgnr said...

Best football game in decades?? Come on man, Super Bowl XLII says hi.

DMtShooter said...

What can I tell you? I'm just a mark for both of these clubs, and hyper-violence. This was old-time Bad For You football, where every first down felt like it was going to end a life.

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