Sunday, January 5, 2014

Top 10 Chargers - Bengals Takeaways

Should never, ever, be on camera
10) Jim Nantz decided that we really needed to know about Phil Simms' chili consumption

9) Philip Rivers went 5 of 6 for 48 yards in the first half, with no passes to WRs, just to show you that a good running game does not produce points

8) Andy Dalton threw for 300 yards and got a playoff touchdown pass, so, um, progress, I guess

7) I'd say more about what the Chargers did to win this game, but Show Up And Watch Andy Dalton Lose doesn't lead to a lot of quippery

6) Jeff Triplett decided to review a play after another one happened, because he's just more knowledgeable than the rule book

5) Dalton hasn't gotten the memo that, mobility-wise, he ain't exactly Michael Vick, despite turning it over just like him

4) Breaking his own record, Simms said the word "Jim" 4,028 times during a game

3) Ronnie Brown doesn't care enough about the team to take a knee at the one for the killshot

2) Marvin Lewis is now 0-5 in playoff games, and it's so Bengals that he got that many chances

1) I think we all owe Bengal Fan a big apology for taking so long to sell out this game

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