Saturday, January 4, 2014

Top 10 Chiefs - Colts Takeaways

This Won't End Well
10) It wasn't exactly the best time for Andrew Luck to become a turnover machine

9) Given Andy Reid's past record with concussions, I'm kind of amazed that Jamal Charles didn't come back into this game

8) There's quiet, there's deathly quiet, and there's Lucas Oil Field with a big deficit to start the second half

7) That sound you heard around 8pm EST was the entire state of Pennsylvania laughing their ass off

6) If there is a worse running back in the NFL than Trent Richardson, that guy is doing an excellent job of keeping it quiet

5) The Colts seemed continually unaware that other team's QBs are allowed to run, too

4) I am required by hack writer law to make a pun about the Colt QB's last name, in re the Brown to Luck Fumblerooski TD

3) Kansas City's insistence on having all of their guys get hurt was a curious choice

2) I'd say something about Andy Reid's timeout management here, but on the plus side, it made his Coach of the Year campaign really provocative

1) Colt Fan will somehow have to get over the disappointment of not covering the spread

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