Sunday, January 12, 2014

Top 10 Colts - Patriots Takeaways

Not Seen: Defensive Effort
10) In the time it took you to read this, LeGarrete Blount or Stephen Ridley ran for another touchdown and infuriated another five million burned fantasy football owners

9) Andrew Luck throws a great deep ball, especially when you count how many times he throws them to the other team

8) The Patriots scored 43 points, the third-most points ever scored in the playoffs without a touchdown, which just goes to show how uncommon playoff games were back in the old days

7) Patriot P Ryan Allen got hurt on an eventual safety and might not ever get his job back, given that K Stephen Gostkowski did fine in double duty, and one more roster spot is one more roster spot

6) I'm not saying that the Colts gave up in this one, but Blount's fourth touchdown was a marvel in energy conservation

5) Luck had 16 picks in 18 games this year, 7 of them in the two playoff events

4) This is the 8th time in 12 years with Brady and Bill Belichick that the Patriots have made it to the AFC Conference Game, which just goes to show how useful it is to play in a division with three long-term tomato cans

3) Given how the Patriots are a media darling and responsible for most of the NFL's head coaching hires, it's clear that Running Plays are the New Hotness

2) There really aren't many better young WRs in the league than T.Y. Hilton, who cracked triple digits again tonight despite his QB having all kinds of issues

1) The Patriots' next playoff opponent got a lot of revealing film from this game, in that it showed how the team really likes to, um, hand the ball to the running back

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