Sunday, January 19, 2014

Top 10 NFL Conference Championship Ad Questions

Bear Whiz Soda
10) Does drinking Dr. Pepper Ten make bears obey men, and capable of operating paddles despite their weight?

9) If I drink Bud Light, will I hallucinate Arnold Schwarzenegger at my basement ping pong table?

8) Does owning a Toyota Tundra compel you to elaborate, pointless and fiscally disastrous construction projects?

7) Will using Old Spice cause mothers to become spiteful singing zombies with supernatural forms of locomotion?

6) Am I allowed to eat healthy while operating a truck, or will I be beaten within an inch of my life?

5) Are people who eat Pringles mentally deranged before, or after, ingesting the product?

4) Is Google's definition of a life well lived honestly tied to just what you watch on an electronic rectangle?

3) Does the foam on Stealla Artois beer require a cutting utensil and sharp motion for removal, and if so, why would you ever want to drink that?

2) Can we all, as a nation, agree to file a class-action lawsuit against whoever put Mike Ditka and his old man lizard tongue on our screens?

1) Is Amelia Earhart really the person you want to be quoting before taking flight?

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