Saturday, January 4, 2014

Top 10 NFL Wildcard Saturday Ad Questions

This Is My Oh Face
10) Is getting shoulder blocked by a gorilla, or watching your dad get punched for soup, really a common enough fear to sell, um... whatever it is that was being sold?

9) Why does Subway persist in paying some fat Fox load to endorse their food, when they are supposed to be about eating healthy?

8) Is GE's power technology responsible, in some way, for Michael J. Fox's medical condition?

7) In the Hyundai minivan ad, why don't the bully kids have a jerk mom driving them around in a competitor's product?

6) Is anyone else creeped out by the fact that the Wendy's girl food pimp says her mouth is on fire without, well, having put any of the "food" in her face?

5) Does anyone else just use their garage to store their car and crap, rather than, you know, try to change the world?

4) Can I get a Chase card without cosplay?

3) How, exactly, does LeBron James sucking at golf sell phones?

2) How many people has Xfinity killed due to their criminal irresponsible distractions?

1) When Geico says "anywhere, anytime", are they talking about their mobile app or their willingness to buy ad time?

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