Sunday, January 12, 2014

Top 10 Niners - Panthers Takeaways

10) Troy Aikman really liked everything about a fourth and goal QB sneak that failed

9) Excellent injury fake all week by Panthers WR Steve Smith, for at leas the first half

8) You know it's a playoff game when the teams argue like PMSing prima donnas after every play, regardless of the number of penalties called

7) It's more than a little disconcerting to see a playoff game not played in wind, rain, bitter cold and abject spectator misery

6) The Niner defense should pretend they are defending from the one yard line all the time

5) Colin Kaepernick ate the world by mocking Cam Newton, because our world is filled with Oh No He Didn't people,  rather than, um, football fans

4) If you need an offense to eat the clock without scoring points while trailing, the Panters are the team for you

3) The Niners run effectively in QB sneak situations, because they actually give the defense other things to worry about than a QB sneak

2) It didn't matter due to a subsequent pick, but there was a strong candidate for Worst Penalty Of The Year when the Niners were called for roughing the passer on a sack where Cam Newton led with his helmet

1) Given how both teams looked this weekend, the Niners being a road favorite in Seattle next week would not surprise me in the least

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