Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Top 10 reasons why Roger Goodell wants to abolish the PAT

Much Effort For Automatic
10) Was embarr- assed by clueless Seattle Fans getting loud to try to stop it

9) Lost his fantasy league playoff on a single PAT, and had told over 100 people who pretend to care but totally don't

8) Someone told him that they cause concussions

7) People in London are especially confused by them, and London rules Goodell's world

6) Secretly wants to steal all of the XFL's good ideas

5) Unilateral rule changes are the only one to judge a commissioner's legacy

4) Has been saving this in his back pocket for just such a Richard Sherman Twitter emergency

3) Thinks that touchdown celebration flags lose their sting since the penalty doesn't happen right away

2) Gives the NFL the opportunity to introduce complicated new rules that analysts and refs will spend months explaining, over and over again

1) Strong possibility of adding an extra play's worth of commercial time to NFL telecasts, and they totally need that

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