Thursday, January 23, 2014

Top 10 reasons why Vince Young has filed for bankruptcy

10) Isn't making that good Texas isn't supposed to be getting paid to play football money any more

9) Jeff Fisher was threatening to break his thumbs

8) His finances haven't been the same ever since Bud Adams went on to that great third finger in the sky

7) Kerry Collins won't take his calls any more

6) His Pro Bowl jerseys sold for depressingly low amounts on eBay

5) Hanging out with Matt Leinart will do that to a man

4) Gives him the opportunity to declare his financial attorney and accountant a Dream Team

3) Somehow wasn't able to keep a QB job for more than three months in Buffalo, or one month in Green Bay, which means he's pretty much unemployable at the NFL level now

2) There's always the chance that this is just the work of another Vince Yong impersonator

1) $64 million in salary and endorsements, earned over the last seven years, clearly doesn't go as far as it used to

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