Sunday, January 12, 2014

Top 10 Saints - Seahawks Takeaways

These People Are Loud
10) This was looking like one hell of a back door cover for the Saints, especially after recovering an onside kick

9) All in all, giving up the first 16 points of the game, not scoring in the first three quarters, and having your all-Pro QB throwing for less than 40 yards in the first half is not exactly the recipe for winning a road game

8) You don't often see a team have nearly twice the number of first downs and spend much of the game down 16

7) Percy Harvin is longing for Danny Amendola's durability

6) Khiry Robinson is a good back and a valuable asset, but when you shush a home crowd when you score to cut their lead to 9, you don't exactly show yourself to be a Mensa candidate

5) Golden Tate's onside recovery skills leave a lot to be desired

4) For a team that clearly does not play well outdoors, the Saints had all kinds of chances, mostly because Russell Wilson is looking more like a passenger than a driver on this buys

3) Richard Sherman helped hold Jimmy Graham to 1 catch for 8 yards, which means that he gets to talk and Graham gets to shut up

2) If the Seahawks could hypnotize Richard Sherman into thinking the defense is always wearing Saints' uniforms, they'd never lose

1) Seattle is now 16-1 at home since 2012, which will be put on auto-repeat for the next eight days in analysis circles

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