Monday, January 20, 2014

Top 12 consolations for Niner Fans

You Still Live Here, So Quit Bitching
12) There's a really good chance the NFL changes the challenge rules so that the Navarro Bowman tragic fumble play never happens like that again

11) You got a lot closer to winning than the last time you went to Seattle

10) There's a good chance that Jim Harbaugh has learned a valuable lesson about how freaking out at the refs isn't a good plan for the long term

9) White America is entirely on your side on the idea that Richard Sherman is uppity and uncouth

8) If Michael Crabtree doesn't come back better next year, you can pretty much walk away from him with speed fairly soon

7) LaMichael James and Vernon Davis both not only got up after those huge hits, but completed the game, which showed all kinds of toughness and/or insanity

6) You would have totally beaten Denver in the next round, so, um, that's got to make you feel good

5) Assuming you live in the Bay Area, you are already over the loss, because you live in the Bay Area

4) Seahawk Fan now has to go to New York, which means that he'll have no money to go to any games for the next three years, killing their home field advantage

3) Seahawks owner Paul Allen has showered the Bay Area with hundreds of millions of dollars of economic benefits over the years from his funding of ridiculously bad start up ideas, so now, you are even

2) Perhaps now, Colin Kaepernick will do the important work of throwing more accurately, learning to wear his baseball cap correctly, and having his tattoos removed

1) There's a reasonable chance that after this game, Seattle will be too beaten up, relieved and media freaked-out to play worth a damn, and that Sherman will pull a Eugene Robinson

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