Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Four Point Plague

Um, Sure, Why The Hell Not
A quick note over the transom; the idea that the NBA was flirting with the idea of a 4-point line, the better to, I don't know, get teams running high pick and roll at the half court line, or to give half court heaves more drama. And since the idea came from the Globe Trotters, maybe we can also hit the opposing team's coach with a bucket of glitter with each conversion...

Well, here's a thought. Stop making the reward for long shots that the defense wants the user to take, and start making the reward about taking shots the defense does not want you to take. Specifically, dunks. If only to make the playoffs even more hockey-esque.

Oh, I know... there's no chance of this, since the world has just gone to the netherworld of obsolete mid-range games and 3-point shots in transition from breakaways. It might offend the purists, or the whole point of not rewarding teams for bailout heaves, and making the game more random, since we love that about college ball.

Plus, we get the benefit of more timeouts in late game situations, and more games decided in the final possession. Heaven knows, that's what would get more casual fans to pay more attention and respect to the NBA game -- less importance put on the first 47.5 minutes of play, and additional timeouts and coaching overdrive.

Now, if only we could somehow invent concussion issues in pro hoop as related to interior play, which would give crazy long jumpers the sheen of morality... and we've got a win for everybody.

Except, you know, the game as we knew it, and liked, that didn't need changing. Bonus!

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