Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl Ad Questions

Wooja Wooja
> Do I have to be willing to risk my life with strangers to enjoy Bud Light?

> Are Doritos eaters all stoned and stupid?

> Do I have to be way too into cow sex to drive a Chevy?

> If I use TurboTax, do I have to hate watching teams that aren't mine?

> Does Ellen DeGeneres hang out with furries, or does using Beats by Dre just turn you into one?

> Radio Shack still exists?

> Does using GoDaddy make you impossibly reckless with your career choices?

> If I use the wrong cell phone provider, will I become a jobless loser, like Tim Tebow?

> Will the new Transformers movie have explosions, or will it finally answer all of the questions posed by the previous movies in the series, that being "Will there be explosions"?

> Why do German engineers want wings?

> Stephen Colbert can sell anything, right?

> Why does Coca Cola hate English?

> If I use Sonos in my home, will I cause infertility from rampant radiation?

> Do Toyota drivers hallucinate about puppets?

> Can anyone tell me what Alex and Ami sell, or how spending $4 million for 30 seconds of not telling me what they sell helps them?

> If I buy an Audi, will I be encouraging beastly mutations?

> Did Goldiblox learn anything from their last foray into copyright infringement?

> Is Bob Dylan dying of some expensive disease, or is he selling his music for no good reason at all?

> Can't the Agents Smith stop a simple freaking Kia?

> Does Honda have so little to sell that it doesn't even show a car, rather than just Bruce Willis getting groped?

> Can Fox and Budweiser do something for more than just one soldier, or is it all about making one guy's day?

> Do the sleek Jaguar bad guys also know how to change the Jaguar's oil from the inevitable leaks?

> Can Scarlett Johansson care any less during her SodaStream ad?

> Does Doritos promote bondage among the underaged?

> If animals drink Budweiser, does it make them fall in love outside of their species?

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