Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl Takeaways

Waah Waah
> Manny Ramirez decided he really needed to be known worldwide

> If you had safety for the bet on first points scored, you now own Costa Rica

> WR Percy Harvin is all kinds of unfair fast, at least compared to the other Seattle WRs

> I've never seen a late hit on a touchback before, but the ref's idea of curtailing Seattle is special

> S Kam Chancellor makes me envious, highly, of what Seattle Fan gets to see

> Anything close to grounding is now subject to ten seconds of speculation post play

> CB Champ Bailey waited a long time to get to a Super Bowl and get roasted

> Denver's John Fox likes to waste challenges just as much as Seattle's Pete Carroll

> Denver LB Nate Irvin saved four points on a perfect ball

> Seattle S Earl Thomas could have been an Eagle, which is going to make me sad for the next decade

> Without the recovery of RB Knowshon Moreno's fumble, this might have been a runaway... one play earlier than it was

> Chancellor's pick was a pretty bad Peyton Manning duck

> Denver had 11 yards in the first quarter, which is a sentence that seems more than a little impossible

> Harvin's success clearly makes things better for RB Marshawn Lynch, and he finally punched it in to stop the red zone problem

> After 16 minutes, it's 15-0 Seattle, and starting to look a lot like 20th century Denver SB appearances

> Chancellor going down on a kickoff return is all kinds of bad, but he seems OK after getting up

> Seattle covers bubble screens with pain

> On third and two inches, Broncos WR DeMaryius Thomas nearly gives back a first on another bubble, all kinds of telling

> Manning to WR Wes Welker on a third and nine is a good protection against blitz moment for Denver

> It's clear from a lot of game time that Manning is avoiding CB Richard Sherman so far

> LB Malcolm Smith on the TAInt is all DE Cliff Avril's doing, and wow, it's 22-0 after 27 minutes

> KR Trindon Holliday's fumble might have been the killshot, but it's overturned on review

> The Denver passing tree looks Detmer-esque so far

> Thomas with a back shoulder catch for 18 was a rare moment beyond dink and dunk

> Denver goes for it on fourth and 2, rather than break the shutout, and it's incomplete and wow

> Odd play calling by Seattle to not just run it at the end of the first half, but to do it quickly, but Carroll's always been conservative

> Broncos K Matt Prater executed a pop up kick perfectly, but Harvin broke it anyway, and that should be that -- 29-0 one play into the second half

> It's not just that Manning is missing, it's that everything is short and he's missing

> Manning nearly got Moreno killed for six yards

> Sherman nearly got a pick, then got crunched and had to leave for a play, proving he's going to get on TV even if Manning rarely throws near him

> Manning checked down to a 3rd and 10 draw, rather than get further embarrassed by this defense

> Fox punted down 29 with 26 minutes left, rather than get further embarrassed by this defense

> Seahawks WR Jermaine Kearse with the five-man pinball survival score, and this has entered the realm of '80s Bronco Travesties

> You have to love the Andy Reid-esque insistence from the Broncos to continue to call nothing but shallow crosses into murder hitters

> Manning to Thomas cuts it to a 30-point game and really cheeses off all of the Seahawks fans that were dreaming about a shutout

> Welker for 2 makes it a 4-score game at the end of three quarters, so I guess this is still mathematically possible

> Fox calls for the planned onside kick to start the fourth, because, um, why not

> WR Golden Tate gives up a first down dancing for no good reason

> The numbers aren't going to show it, but Wilson's been spot on all night

> Wilson to Baldwin might get the QB the MVP after all, it's 43-8, and the Denver faces are just helpless

> Avril nearly picked a ball by just standing up and looking for the 4-yard cross

> Sherman leaves on the cart with 11 minutes left, leaving America safe for post-game

> RB Montee Ball can't make a play on fourth and 2, not that anyone but him is going to remember

> Wilson with Scamper Power to try to add to his MVP cred

> I gotta say, I kind of love an old-fashioned really bad SB with lots of Sad Eli Face

> That's as early a Gatorade shower as you will ever see

> I'd say something about the last 30 minutes of this game, but as it involved Tarvaris Jackson, there's really no point

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