Friday, February 21, 2014

Top 10 NBA Trade Deadline Takeaways

Grunt, Flush, Repeat
10) The Cavs traded for Spencer Hawes, continuing the trend started by Joe Banner and continued by Andrew Bynum of ridding the City of Brotherly Love of unwanted refuse

9) Sam Hinkie somehow got two second round picks and Eric Maynor from just getting in the middle of a Jan Vesely / Andre Miller trash swap

8) Despite Tony Parker's list of maladies, the Spurs moved backup PG Nando de Colo for Austin Daye, probably because there's only so many French guys you can have around before you just start slapping everybody

7) Denver picked up Aaron Brooks from the Rockets, because they prefer their defense-free back-up point guard to be young

6) Indy sent Danny Granger to the Sixers, because everyone now agrees that Granger's old, expensive and horrible, and in the NBA for a tank-tastic team, that's valuable

5) Milwaukee sent Gary Neal out, since Neal had dared to point out that Larry Sanders has been stealing money ever since he signed his new deal, and they just can't take turmoil within their terrible team

4) Golden State picked up Steve Blake in their eternal quest to replace Jarrett Jack, who, um, wasn't all that great either

3) New Jersey Brooklyn picked up never was Marcus Thornton for has been Jason Terry

2) Evan Turner joins the Pacers to test the theory that the top player on a bad team can become a useful bench guy on a good team

1) As always, the ratio of rumor and hype to actual news was about about 2 percent, and yet the shucksters and touts remain employed, and will fill the world with nonsense this time next year

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CMJDad said...

"3) New Jersey picked up never was Marcus Thornton for has been Jason Terry"

New Jersey still has a team??

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