Wednesday, February 12, 2014


So Lonely
So if you fire up your sports channel of choice these days, you get your choice of the following:

> The Winter Olympics
> College basketball
> Pro basketball
> Baseball rumors and signings
> And whatever else happens out of the blue.

Anyone else feel as if the only thing worthy of note is the last one?

I've covered the blog's moral objections to the Games; no reason to get into it again. College hoop is  beloved by many, and I've even found myself watching it a bit, mostly for Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker and my Syracuse alma mater... but even the most rabid fan of the game is pretty much lying in wait for March Madness. Pro hoop is playing out the string before All-Star Game, and even the most devoted fan knows that we're watching mirages (Phoenix), sleepwalkers (Miami) and tank jobs (most of the Eastern Conference). Baseball rumors are only really of interest to fans of the team and fantasy honks.

So that leaves us to constant Michael Sam coverage, until someone gets arrested or says something stupid about something else. Within a week, it will be all about mock drafts (just an exercise in futility), some fresh wipe out in social media, and so on. And all of this leaves me to the following statement...

February is actually the worst month of the year for sports -- but not because it's, well, the worst month. It's because it's the one that's the longest distance away from the NFL season, and we are all about the NFL season.

July seems terrible too, right? Well, sure... but you've got training camps in a few weeks. You aren't ducking snow storms and cold hell. You haven't just watched six weeks of NFL playoffs, and you still have baseball games and the relatively recent memories of the NBA or NHL finals.

It's just withdrawal

And it's only going to get worse as soon as the NBA stops playing.

Enjoy the next month of relatively free time...

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