Friday, March 28, 2014

A Brief And Obvious Message To The DeSean Jackson Haters

(Who are rejoicing today, because the man was just released by my football laundry)...

Man alive, I hope you are right.

I hope that a 27-year-old man coming off a 1,300-yard season, with 9 TDs, who is among the team's all-time leaders in REC yards, is spent.

I hope that he doesn't go to some other team and provide exceptional value for years.

I hope that he was such a locker room cancer that everyone works harder next year, just because one guy is gone.

I hope that the team's very meager current WRs are up to WR1 status.

I hope that their upcoming draft picks, spent now on WRs instead of the defense, work out.

I hope that everyone on the team with any kind of veteran status now knows to (a) never talk about money, and somehow (b) still want to stay with the club after their initial deal.

I hope that any marquee FA doesn't look at this whole sordid story and decide that there are better places to ply their trade.

I hope that the Philadelphia media, fresh with page views in a dull time of the year, doesn't decide to spend the next 3+ months reporting on who's next on the block. For funsies. And money.

I hope that a racial divide doesn't spring up from the release, seeing how Jason Kelce is already gloating about it on social media.

And I hope that this damn near unprecedented dismissal of a Pro Bowl level talent...

Isn't indicative of a GM and coach situation that is so filled with hubris that they feel that scheme and personnel acumen is more important than talent, productivity, and durability.

As for me...

I lost a lot of hope today.

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