Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ten Brief And Obvious Points About The Eagles PR Campaign Against DeSean Jackson

Or Eagle Management
1) Regardless of how you feel about Jackson, this is no way to build up someone's value in trade.

2) If you think that 27-year-old WRs who put up 1,400 yards and 9 TDs in a year, with 4.3 speed, a current clean bill of health, a low drop rate for the past few years, and years of high production despite a carousel of QBs are things you should cut if you can't trade, you should not be in charge of running a football team.

3) If you think that teams can not win with star players who can be distracting, you must not be aware of the current champions with Richard Sherman, or have watched too much pro wrestling, where the good only lose due to Distraction.

4) If you think that you can't afford a high-priced WR core on a team with no cap issues at all, when you are paying less for your QB than many teams pay for their field goal kicker, you have failed Math.

5) If your primary argument in getting rid of a guy is I Just Don't Like Him, you have conflated Soap Opera or Reality TV with Game, and really, truly need to stop doing that.

6) If you don't think that every other franchise in the NFC East is absolutely thrilled to see the Eagles self-destructing on personnel management in this way, you may be on some highly effective pharmaceuticals.

7) If you've ever wondered why athletes in town do not seem to want to cultivate a relationship with the media, consider just how many men and outlets have lined up for the role of Club Mouthpiece on this one.

8) If you think the Eagles would be fine at WR without Jackson, you must not be familiar with the injury status and one-year deal for Jeremy Maclin, the one month of good play in the entire career of Riley Cooper, the likelihood that Darren Sproles is on the downside of his career, the drops of Zach Ertz, and the drops and increasing age of Brent Celek

9) If you feel that Jackson is just too bad of a person to be on this team, you should get your brain checked out, since your memory seems to not extend to Cooper's summer video fun from last year, and

10) If you think this will all be fine because the upcoming WR draft class is said to be great, you must not be aware of the average production rate for rookie WRs, the washout rate for same, or the fact that spending high picks on a WR when the defense needs help so much more is also, um, Bag Of Hammers Stupid...

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