Thursday, March 20, 2014

Top 10 reasons why the NFL is going to start enforcing 15-yard flags for the use of the N-Word

Dear Lord, Not That
10) Mostly white officiating crews have a hard time hearing the difference between err and ahh

9) Part of a vast conspiracy to rein in Richard Sherman

8) League really wants the players to expand their vocabulary and respect the nation's rich history of racial insults

7) Given the increasing importance of the foreign markets and on-field mics, the league needs more universally known insults

6) Someone told Roger Goodell that hearing the N-word increases risk of concussion, and Goodell will agree to anything that limits risk of concussion

5) If racial insults are out of the game, no one will ever lose their temper again

4) The game really needs more flags that come out of nowhere, and that have no bearing on physical performance

3) Need to protect the nation from a word they've clearly never heard before

2) Until this scourge is driven from the game, the league's economic viability is severely limited

1) In a league with suspect officiating, life-shortening violence, rapacious price-gouging and the most overpaid commissioner in the history of mankind, bad words are clearly the biggest and most urgent problem

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