Sunday, March 23, 2014

Top 10 takeaways from MLB's Opening Series In Austrailia

Yes, Bud, This Sucked
10) Bored people in Australia do the wave just like bored people in the U.S.

9) Scott Van Slyke's power is lost in normal latitudes

8) People who know an awful lot about cricket have other problems

7) The MLB Network loves the tradition of Opening Day so much that they're willing to dilute it for a cheap PR stunt

6) This Clayton Kershaw guy is pretty good

5) If you watched this game and expected to learn anything about Australia that isn't an absolute cliche, you clearly overestimated the powers of the MLB Network

4) The advertising community was so excited by this opportunity that they, um, completely ignored it, so MLB showed the same ads over and over again

3) Aussie Fan was very excited by foul balls, pop ups, and DiamondBack offensive futility

2) Yasiel Puig remains a three-ring circus of baseball whimsy

1) When Bud Selig pats himself on the back in the Southern Hemisphere, it's with more of a counter-clockwise motion

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