Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Brief And Obvious Point To Tyson Chandler

As Smart As His Shirt
In re the #1 seed in the East being "in trouble" if the Knicks make the playoffs...

Um, how long have you been working on your stand up routine?

In the NBA, #1 seeds, even in the trolling East, are good teams. #8 teams, unless there is some extraordinary lockout / returning from injury action going on, are not.

No one who is the running for the 8 seed in the East qualifies under those criteria. Including your team, which starts a fat man at point guard, an insane one at shooting guard, a ballhog stat whore at power forward, your sad brittle self at center, and an offense-free brick layer at 3. Oh, and your best bench guy has knees that break in a stiff wind.

Now, can you please keep the old idiot hole closed, and focus on the critical work of winning enough of your final games to get Knick Fan a couple of extra home games to boo at?

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