Sunday, April 13, 2014

My Dream Golf Range

It's a start
Here's what it has.

> It's neither empty nor crowded, and there's never a person in either stall next to you.

> The guy who sells you the range balls has the ability to send idiot teenagers who want to recreate "Happy Gilmore" away with a single raised eyebrow.

> The sun is always shining, but you are always in shade, and it's never in your eyes.

> Wind is always at your back, and subtle enough that you never really notice it (but your ball does).

> The targets are slightly recessed, so that shots fall into them easily.

> When you hit the ball retrieval cart, there's a sound of breaking glass and the cart shakes violently, but without anyone actually getting hurt, or real damage.

> There are cameras and laser tracking ti tell you the distance and diagnostics of your shots.

> It's open all year round, with heated stalls in the winter, and extensive cover to let you hit, even in a monsoon.

> The vending machines are low priced, and also take credit, debit, or smartphone payments.

> You can adjust the mats to practice off-level shots.

> There's a bunker area with good sand, and an undulating green where you can try all kinds of double break shots.

> And it's the closest range to your house.

So, which of my neighbors wants to build it?

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