Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Top 10 reasons why Phil Jackson fired Knicks' coach Mike Woodson

Weak Boss Level
10) Woodson didn't show enough excitement over the Lamar Odom signing

9) Insists on the ability to have his own choice to lead this terrible, terrible collection of talent

8) Certain that Carmelo Anthony will react well to constant change in the coaching spot

7) Woodson clearly responsible for Tyson Chandler being made of balsa wood, and Ray Felton being made of fat balsa wood

6) Gave the team an important small moment of tabloid relevance against a Nets team that's, um, actually in the playoffs

5) Insists that his team run hard to watch isolation-riffic half court sets from a triangle basis, rather than with all five players on the floor

4) Woodson's suggested reading list for his players dramatically lacking in New Age nonsense

3) Doing something that was totally expected convinces players, media and management that, dammit, there's a new sherriff in town

2) Any number of former players and assistants ready to come in and lose before getting big-footed in the end game

1) Helps to convince Ted Dolan that he's, like doing stuff to justify that absurd paycheck

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